Creating Inclusive Workplaces

21st May 2020 by Raphaele von Koettlitz

Embracing neurodiversity and promoting positive mental health workplace cultures


There is a beautiful synergy in Neurodiversity Celebration Week overlapping Mental Health Awareness Week; where *neurodiversity is supported well, mental health can soar. 

Adam Hyland and Meghan Reed shine a spotlight on creating inclusion that truly embraces neurodiversity and helps to build workplaces that enable everyone to thrive and reach their potential. You will have the asset of neurodiversity in your workplace, whether you know it already or not… D&A shares some simple ways you can make that culture change.


Neurodiversity refers to the idea that people experience the world differently based on the ways that their brains and environments interact. The term is most commonly applied to people with autism-spectrum conditions such as Asperger’s Syndrome, but can also be applied to a range of learning difficulties, disabilities, mental illnesses and other neurological differences. D&A embraces the neurodiversity movement, which does not see neurological differences as disabilities, but rather as a diverse balance of unique and equally valid skills and experiences that benefit society and deserve celebration.


Written by Emma Turner

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