5th April 2022 by Ellie Thompson

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“The practical advice, deep understanding and personal experience of the D&A team means everyone at Fujitsu can be confident we are partnering with the experts.”

– Paul Brown, Head of Shared Services North-Western Europe (NWE)

Who is Fujitsu?

Fujitsu is a global leader in technology and business solutions that works to transform organisations, and societal growth across the world, supplying technology that underpins many of the services that each of us uses every day.

Why partner with D&A?

“We were looking for an organisation with not only a passion for diversity and inclusion, but also with the technical knowledge and experience to support our diverse range of employees. Because, while we like to think we’re doing a fantastic job, we knew we still had a way to go.” says Simon Head, Head of International Occupational Health and Safety at Fujitsu Global.

Fujitsu has been actively working to foster a culture that positively supports diversity in the workplace. They want everyone to feel welcomed and nurtured, regardless of where in the world they work, fostering an international workplace culture. They recognise that there is more work to be done, so have partnered with D&A to create a more anticipatory wokrplace culture.

Simon continues “The extensive experience that D&A bring to the table allows us to be pragmatic in our approach and challenge ourselves as a business to find those really small tweaks that can make a massive difference to employees’ work lives.”

What’s happening?

D&A’s approach is founded on our collective lived experience of disabling barriers and in-depth understanding of inclusive practices. We put the wellbeing and prosperity of an organisation’s people- both internal and external- at the heart of everything.

We’re working collaboratively with Fujitsu to design processes and create activity that builds a more inclusive workplace; all underpinned by close consideration of the organisations’s priorities, infrastructure, constraints and resources.

With Fujitsu, we recognised how streamlining the process would make a dramatic difference to the experience of both individuals and the organisation as a whole. Our Director of Accessibility and Inclusion, Adam Hyland, noted: “We wanted to fill in the gaps and create a central place where employees could get everything they needed in one place- making it easier, smoother, more positive for individuals but also for HR team, line manager, whoever is supporting them.”

We developed an Employee Enablement Hub, offering a “one-stop-shop of enablement” that was easy to navigate, creating a system that feels positive for employees themselves as well as Fujitsu’s Occupation Health and Safety Team, line managers, and anyone else involved in support and adjustments for staff.

Fujitsu’s Employee Enablement Hub involves:

  • Providing Workplace Needs Assessments in which:
    • Our expert needs assessors provide the employee individualised support recommendations
    • We supply quotes from our partner organisations for assistive technology (AT) or equipment recommended
    • We send the employee the opportunity to reflect on a draft report to ensure their experiences are accurately represented
  • Offering tailored one-to-one support, including:
    • Mental Health and Wellbeing Mentoring
    • Assistive Technology Training
    • Workplace Strategy Coaching
    • Workplace Strategy Co-coaching (with line managers)

Alongside our Enablement Hub, the Fujitsu team has also benefited from:

  • Disability Inclusion Training for International Occupational Health and Safety teams
  • A holistic branding analysis and review, ensuring accessibility across Fujitsu’s internal and external communications

What’s next?

  • Employee Enablement Hub process training, equipping all relevant teams with the knowledge and confidence they need to support their employees and themselves
  • Roll out of Employee Enablement Hub to wider European regions
  • Internal communications campaign to further increase organisational understanding and knowledge of the Employee Enablement Hub
  • Discussions to roll out Employee Enablement Hub across North America


What were the benefits of D&A’s approach for Fujitsu Global?

D&A’s approach is a “game-changer”, according to Rob Loseby, Chair of Fujitsu’s Ability Network UK and Representative of Fujitsu Global Network of Persons with Disabilities.

“Our work with D&A has transformed what we thought was an already progressive support for our employees, into one which offers a diverse suite of accessibility solutions based on an expert-led set of services,” adds Simon Head, Head of International Occupational Health and Safety.

Word cloud including the words knowledgeable, inspired, educated, eyes wide open, enlightened, confident, reflective, positive, glad, aware, thoughtful, informed, raised awareness, empowered

A word cloud shows responses to the question: “What is one word that describes how you’re feeling?” at the end of D&A’s Disability Inclusion training

“Diversity and Ability will make well-thought-through recommendations for adjustments or support that can help your employees reach their potential, inform line management, and ensure any solution is implemented successfully,” concludes Simon.

Want to know how D&A could support your organisation to create a workplace culture where everyone is included?

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