Cookie Policy

Policy prepared by: William Mayor
Approved by board / management on: 29th September 2015
Policy became operational on: 29th September 2015
Last review date: 13th June 2021
Next review date: 13th June 2022

On the following Diversity and Ability websites cookies are used:

We use cookies on these sites in order to run our website analytics (provided by Google Analytics), to be able to log people in, and to add CSRF protection to our forms.

The CSRF protection cookies store some encrypted text that lets our website remember your computer over several pages. This is only used when you fill in a form, for instance on our contact us page. By remembering which computer requested which form we can check for people trying to forge requests. We do this because we had a string of incidents where we received a lot of SPAM via our feedback form. The CSRF protection helps protect us against the SPAM.

Our login cookies are used to remember which account you’re logged in as you browse around our sites.

The analytics cookies do not contain any information about you personally. Instead they contain a randomly generated identifier that is used to see which pages you visit and in which order. Along with this information some details about your browser and computer are sent to Google Analytics.

We collect this information because we are interested in how people use our website and what devices they use. We try to make our website easy to use and analytics data helps us know if we’re doing the right thing. For instance, if lots of people visit our site using a browser that we don’t support then our analytics will tell us that we should spend time making the site work for those people. Perhaps lots of our users visit certain pages very often, we can use the analytics data to move those pages onto the home page where they will be easily accessible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch, either via our website, or if you prefer, by emailing