Grammarly is a free contextual proofreading tool: it’s an advanced grammar, spelling, and punctuation tool that’s integrated into your Chrome web browser! Not only does Grammarly help correct mistakes it helps improve one’s grammar. Each suggested correction comes with a short explanation. And that explanation can be expanded to give more detail and show examples.

How it works:

Grammarly checks your writing and underlines mistakes. Rest over the underline and you see a suggested change; then correct the mistake with just one click.

Where it works:

  • Email, Facebook, Twitter and almost anywhere you can write online
  • Comes with its own online word-processor for checking continuous text documents
  • Upload documents into the Grammarly word-processor
  • Microsoft Word add-on (paid feature)

Best features:

  • Checks for misspellings
  • Corrects grammatical errors such as redundant commas
  • Uses sentential context to detect word confusion (e.g. “she paid me a complement”)
  • Checks for style errors such as repeating a word too often or using colloquialisms (paid feature)
  • Checks for possible plagiarism (paid feature)