Written by Julie Sellars

Wordflex is a beautiful way to find the perfect word for your writing. It presents information about a word in a mind map – showing the word’s different meanings, its synonyms, and even its origin!

The “word origin” feature helps you see how diverse our language is. And the definitions feature shows the importance of context for the meaning of a word. Here is a rundown of the information Wordflex gives you about a word:

  • Definition of the word – including an example sentence
  • Synonyms – other words that mean the same as the word you enter
  • Antonyms – other words that mean the opposite to the word you enter
  • Origin of the word
  • Pronunciation – speaks the word

Why I love this program

Wordflex is so visual and interactive! The app introduced me to the magic of words. Sometimes words can feel like the enemy but Wordflex let’s you see them as an elaborate, flamboyant, dandelion-head full of options.