Office for National Statistics

2nd December 2019 by Catia Neves

What was the challenge?

To support ONS in delivering their 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Strategy goals:

  • Work to create a diverse, representative workforce.
  • Work to create an inclusive working environment where staff respect and value each other’s diversity.
  • Embed equality, diversity, and inclusion by creating work area business plans.
  • Employees at all levels to have a personal goal to raise levels of inclusion.

What did we do?

  • Leadership Training Workshops in Disability Confidence, Embedding Inclusivity for all in the Workplace, Supporting Dyslexia and (Neuro)diversity in the Workplace.
  • Workshops with IT department in Tools for Improving Accessibility: Assistive Technology Strategies.
  • AT Consultancy: Advice on the choice of AT to be networked throughout the organisation.
  • 1-2-1 AT training in person and online.
  • Group Workshops in Everyday Mindfulness: Managing Stress and Anxiety, Everyone has Mental Health – Embedding a Culture of Wellbeing.
  • 1-2-1 Mentoring sessions in person and online.
  • Impact Assessments.

What were the benefits of our approach?

  • Increased understanding of hidden differences, disabilities and the impact of disablement in the workplace.
  • Increased knowledge of the Equalities Act, reasonable adjustments and support streams.
  • Higher confidence in starting conversations around disability.
  • Increased recognition of the value of diversity and how it improves the ONS.

“From my first contact with the team, the ‘can do’ attitude and knowledgeable discussions gave me confidence that I was dealing with a professional organisation that could deliver.

“We are so impressed with their knowledge and skills we will be working with D&A in the future to provide services to our employees. Who better to help others achieve their potential than those who understand where they are coming from?”

Pam Blackhurst, Head of Equality, Inclusion, and Well-being, Office for National Statistics


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