Maximise your team’s potential with our workplace EDI services. We provide one-to-one employee support, workshops for your employees and Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy. Trying to cultivate some buy-in? Equip yourself with D&A’s business case for EDI in the workplace. 

We’ve helped many organisations to achieve their goals for inclusion. Learn more about the amazing work we’ve done through our case studies!

Adam Hyland, a white man, smiles to a woman off camera.

Workshops and Training

Whatever your needs and priorities, promote inclusion and accessibility within your organisation with our workshops and training programs. 

Disability Inclusion Training

Neurodiversity Inclusion Training

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Training

Accessible Communications, Technology and Support Training


Inclusion Consultancy

Boosting diversity is not just the right thing to do, there’s also a clear business case to do so. We’ll show you how to make the shifts that matter.

Holistic Digital and Website Accessibility Audits

Inclusive Communications Reviews

Inclusive Recruitment and Workplace Adjustments Reviews

Built Environment Accessibility Audits

One-to-One Support

We work with individuals funded by their workplace or the Access to Work scheme to build effective strategies to overcome specific challenges and flourish at work.

Mental Health Mentoring

Assistive Technology Training

Skills and Strategy Coaching

Workplace Needs Assessments


Looking to arrange Access to Work support for yourself or your employees? We’ll guide you through the process with our tool Access to Work: Find Your Way.


"We now have a greater awareness of different models of disability and a better understanding to focus on barriers more than labels! Love the 'nudges' we can take forward to make the workplace a better and more inclusive place!"

- Claire Wildman, Civil Aviation Authority

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Claire Wildman, Civil Aviation Authority

"From my first contact with the team, their ‘can do’ attitude and knowledgeable discussions gave me confidence that I was dealing with a professional organisation that could deliver... [They] challenged the participants to think differently about ability."

- Pam Blackhurst, Office for National Statistics

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Pam Blackhurst, Office for National Statistics

“The [Wellbeing and Mental Health] mentoring has become the most valuable support for the team, especially during lockdown.. providing this resource has made my team feel valued and that we really care about their wellbeing.”

- Sasha Dixon, Utilita

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Sasha Dixon, Utilita