Social Justice Testimonials

You can read about some of the work we've done to champion digital inclusion in the homelessness sector, as well as our international development work.

“The training was really enriching and helpful, especially the approach used during the workshop. It was different and new for people there. All of the participants were really impressed... The training practitioners are more skilled now and can use what they’ve learnt in their daily practice."

- Angel Anne-lise Charlot Colomès, Global Rainbow Foundation

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Angel Anne-lise Charlot Colomès,  Global Rainbow Foundation

“Adam at D&A was an inspirational speaker that developed an immediate rapport with the audience. He was able to inclusively pitch the speech to reach and involve the wide background of attendees. Adam raised some very valid points whilst providing plenty of food for thought..."

- Helen Bigham, Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association

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Helen Bigham, Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association

Diversity and Ability's [...] unique insight, first-hand knowledge and ability to guide neurodivergent people through their path of learning and development is outstanding! Our clients left their Digital Skills for Life course feeling confident and proud to live, work and thrive.

- James Carroll, St. Mungo's

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James Carroll, St. Mungo's

It is clear from feedback that the workshops have helped members accomplish their personal goals and become more independent. The knock-on effect is vast, enabling increased access to housing, employment and social welfare. D&A is showing how technology can be made accessible, useful and empowering in breaking the cycle of homelessness. 

- Nahid Behzadi, Crisis

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Nahid Behzadi, Crisis

Thank you, D&A, for your contributions and partnership work with Disability Rights UK to make apprenticeships, education and skills training inclusive for disabled people. D&A's presentations at our events were powerful and well-received. D&A's enthusiasm and continued support is valuable to us and we look forward to working in partnership with the team at future events.

- Rabia Lemahieu, Disability Rights UK

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Rabia Lemahieu, Disability Rights UK