AXS Passport Wins AbilityNet’s Tech4Good Workplace Award for Inclusive Tech

3rd July 2023 by Scarlett James

Adam, a wheelchair user, Meg and Billy stand smiling at the camera holding the tech4good awards trophies.

We are excited to share the wonderful news that D&A’s AXS passport has received AbilityNet’s Tech4Good Workplace award for Inclusive Tech and Winner of Winners awards! 🏆 

Billy, Adam, and Meghan had the incredible opportunity to attend the award ceremony on a special day—Meg’s birthday, which turned out to be an unforgettable celebration in more ways than one. 🎁

Billy shared ‘The room was packed with wonderful people and projects doing amazing things in the world. It was a privilege just to be there, but to actually win an award was so much more than I expected.’

The night reached its pinnacle when, amidst an intense tie-breaker, we were granted the prestigious ‘Winner of Winners’ award. The moment was memorable as Adam took the stage and delivered a speech about AXS. 

Little did we anticipate that the excitement would continue to soar as we emerged victorious in this category as well!

We are beyond ecstatic to see the AXS passport acknowledged as a transformative tool for change. The support from our community has solidified our belief in the profound impact AXS can have. We envision a fundamental shift in the way inclusivity is approached, allowing us to normalise discussions around access and promote greater understanding.

If you’re curious to experience firsthand what all the buzz is about and to discover how AXS can revolutionise the way we navigate and interact with the world around us:

Together, let’s shape a future where inclusivity is the norm and meaningful conversations thrive.

Graphic with AbilityNet logo at the top. Tech4Good awards winner beneath.

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