Black History Month 2023: Resources

5th October 2023 by Scarlett James



On the left the D&A logo. Underneath text reads 'Black History Month, October 2023' Underneath again a graphic of people of African descent.

Black History Month in the UK is marked each October, and this year’s theme is ‘Saluting Our Sisters’.

If you’re not Black, then Black History Month is a time to reflect on your participation in racism. Remember it is on you, not the Black community, to educate yourself on Black history and the origins of the systems of oppression that still remain in place today the systems we have today come from. We’ve put together a very small sample of our favourite learning resources for you to get stuck into.

It’s equally important this month that we recognise and support the wellbeing of the Black community, especially as the conversations that take place throughout Black History Month can bring up a lot of emotions and frustrations.


Resources for intersectional anti-racism

Read about the intersectional experiences of Black Dyslexics in Marcia’s Book ‘Black, Brilliant and Dyslexic’

Read our blog ‘Black Lives Still Matter’

Take your pick of reading from Black History Month’s Website.

Register interest for our upcoming course Neurodiversity: Race and Realities to learn more about 


The following resources are by Black people, for Black people:

Black Minds Matter UK

This organisation links Black individuals and families with no-cost mental health services provided by experienced Black therapists. Their goal is to eliminate the stigma around mental health and adapt services to better meet the needs of the Black community.

Learn more about Black Minds Matter UK

Black Girls Hike

Established in 2019, BGH (Black Girls Hike) was created to offer a secure environment for Black women to discover the great outdoors. They actively challenge the existing norms and promote the reconnection of Black women with nature.

Black Girls Hike

Generating Genius

Inspired by the challenges faced by students due to their race and socioeconomic backgrounds, Generating Genius has been committed to empowering talented students from underprivileged backgrounds, positioning them for success in STEM fields.

Generating Genius

Caribbean and African Health Network

The Caribbean and African Health Network (CAHN) is an organisation led by individuals of Black heritage. It was founded to address health disparities and broader social determinants affecting people of Caribbean and African descent.

Caribbean and African Health Network


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