Diversity and Ability Wrapped 2023

19th December 2023 by Ellie Thompson

“This year has been profound in so many positive ways, with the launch of AXS Passport, winning awards, and strengthening and understanding that the work here is to address barriers, not labels.

I couldn’t have been more proud of the D&A team during the year, our values and mission remain steadfast and sincere as ever. We recognise that the strength of our team lives in its differences; that diversity through adversity lives in the courage of the conversations that so many people struggle to share. We recognise that the whole world is better not despite our differences, but because of them.”

  • Atif Choudhury, CEO of Diversity and Ability

The end of the year means it’s time to unwrap the incredible journey that D&A has had over the last 12 months. Just like your favourite 2023 Wrapped playlist, let’s hit play on a summary of our accomplishments, growth, impacts, and top moments of the year.

A collage of photos of D&A activities this year. The photos show, starting from the top left and moving clockwise: Goldie, a golden spaniel, resting on the red sofa in the D&A office; five members of the D&A team dressed up smartly at the National Diversity Awards; three members of the D&A team holding their Tech 4 Good wins, a screenshot of the AXS Passport app; Atif, a brown man with a grey beard and glasses, and Shani, a South Asian short-stature woman with long brown hair, dressed up smartly at the Disability Power 100, smiling and chatting to each other; the D&A team dressed in bright summer colours, posing with smiles at our summer social.

2023 in Numbers

12 new members of the D&A staff team (we now have an incredible 41 team members!)

190 freelance associates (this includes our Assistive Technology Trainers, Study Skills Supporters, Mental Health Mentors, Workplace Strategy Coaches, Inclusion Consultants and more!)

1,586 users of AXS Passport (with an incredible 5,409 requirements shared across all passports!)

35,562 hours of one-to-one support for disabled and neurodiverse people in education and the workplace

1,615 attendees for our public events this year, including the launch of our Foundations of Disability Inclusion Training series and our Labels and Legacies panel series (you can watch the first four episodes of Labels and Legacies on our YouTube)

126 clients partnered with to deliver equity, diversity and inclusion training and consultancy

544 training sessions and workshops delivered to organisations of all shapes and sizes across the globe

295 custom emoji on the D&A team Slack (as a hybrid team, this is a great way for us to connect and communicate with each other!)

22 blog posts sharing guidance, resources, opinions and lived experience by and for the disabled and neurodiverse community- which was your favourite?

4 award wins and a further 6 shortlists.

At least 4 dog visitors to our office- thanks for coming, pet pals!

2024 Predictions (D&A-style)

  • A worldwide end to contextless meeting invitations, with every meeting invitation coming with an agenda in advance (it is the most frequently requested adjustment on AXS Passport, after all)
  • D&A to host a hybrid Development Day, bringing together our staff and associate team with the option to gather in person for the first time since 2019!
  • Disabled people to get access to healthcare when they need it (no more 72-week waiting lists for your rheumatologist appointment)
  • Red emergency cords in accessible bathrooms to all get automatically fitted with a reminder that tying them up, or cutting them shorter, is preventing disabled people from accessing help. (We’ll be happy even if they’re not our own free D&A red cord reminders!)
  • Minister for Disabled people to return to being a stand-alone role, held by someone who cares about disabled people’s lives and champions our rights (we can hope…)

Thank you!

As we close our doors for 2023, we want to thank all of our partners, associates, stafff and community for this year. In many ways, it’s been a tough year for disabled people across the globe and in the UK, but we have demonstrated the power of community action and lived-experience-led work. Atif says: “Here’s to all of us in 2024; a year of collective liberation and everyday belonging.”

The D&A offices close on 22nd December, and we’ll be back on 2nd January. Have a wonderful end of the year!

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