Global Perspectives on Inclusive Education

8th July 2022 by Ellie Thompson

Reflections from the US and the UK

The educational environment is always shifting, growing and transitioning. But the past two and a half years have seen a particular, unique type of flux. In many ways, our response to the pandemic has included a shift towards an educational design and structure that includes more learners than ever before. However, there is much still to be done to ensure these changes are consistent, inclusive, and enduring.

At AHEAD’s 45th annual conference, Equity & Excellence: Access in Higher Education, we’ll be discussing just that. Our team joined the conference, which took place between Monday 18th July and Friday 22nd July, they discussed how we can achieve meaningul inclusion, comparing practice across the UK and US. It was a week full of impactful conversations!

And to get a taste of the conversation, we invited Jennifer Pusateri (Universal Design Consulstant, University of Kentucky) and Dr Amanda Kraus (President, AHEAD and Executive Director for Disability Resources, University of Arizona) to join us for a two-part discussion on the similarities and differences in inclusion and accessibility across the pond.

First, Amanda, Jennifer and Brian discuss the challenges we face in embedding inclusivity in education. Watch their conversation now for insight into how we can overcome the barriers we each face in creating an intersectionally inclusive educational environment:

In the second of this series, Jennifer, Amanda and Brian explore how we can ensure the student voice is at the centre of our inclusive design:

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