What’s the global landscape for access and inclusion? Reflections on Dubai Expo 2020

17th December 2021 by Ellie Thompson

In November, Diversity and Ability joined experts and advocates from across the globe for Dubai Expo 2020’s Tolerance and Inclusivity week. D&A has become a leading disability and inclusion specialist within the UK, working with national and international organisations to foster cultures that welcome and include everyone. And now, we’re working far beyond the UK with global partners, helping everyone to create a more accessible world where people can thrive and belong.

After almost two years of working entirely remotely, there were access and inclusion lessons to be learnt at every stage of our journey to and from Dubai, as well as our time there- and Adam was there to blog the whole thing, covering what we can all take away from Dubai Expo to enhance diversity and inclusion work around the world.

Watch Adam’s vlogs from throughout the week.


Watch Adam and Meghan’s reflection on their week at Dubai Expo:


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