Inclusive campuses go beyond compliance.

They anticipate difference, champion accessibility, and ensure equity. Together, we will enhance the student journey for all, shifting your campus culture away from obligation and towards celebration.

We know that each institution is on a different stage of the inclusion journey. Each has unique access barriers to break down, a unique student voice to listen to, and a unique academic culture to nurture.

That’s why we focus on bespoke and collaborative provisions.

With you, we will investigate disparities in your student’s experience, tailor solutions based on practical opportunities and implement sector-leading support, technology, and design provisions.

Everything we do is underpinned by our core ethos: by disabled people, for disabled people. With our inclusion consultancy, we embrace the social model of disability and centre our lived experience.

You’ll receive an authentic perspective that will help you implement enduring change.

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For us, your campus is more than just a physical site.

Accelerated by development in online teaching, a campus is now very much a digital environment and, by extension, an emotional space of belonging.  At D&A, we investigate your student journey from this perspective, considering the holistic nature of the disabled student experience.


When you work with us, you will discover opportunities to enhance student experience. From student learning and happiness to participation and career opportunities, we will outline provisions tailored to your goals, culture, and resources.

We break down provisions into three core themes- Support, Technology and Design- so you’ll have clarity of implementation and ownership within your institution.


Provisions will be delivered by experienced Inclusion and Accessibility Specialists and overseen by a dedicated Enablement Lead.

Our flexible approach will allow for a collaborative feedback loop to intrinsically link all outcomes back to your institution’s established inclusion goals.