Support in Further Education (FE)

Everyone deserves the support they need to thrive. Having supported over 20,000 disabled students at university, we are now extending this study support to students in school and further education (FE).

It’s important to us that all students can access the support they need to fulfil their aspirations and are given equal opportunities to pursue their dreams; whether that be in higher education or the workplace.

What is the support?

We provide blended study skills and technology training, where the student is introduced to key study strategies tailored to their specific needs. Developing effective study strategies will help the student approach their workload and projects with confidence.

Before starting support, we conduct an assessment to understand the students’ learning style and check which study skills the student needs support with. This may include study skills such as:

  • Essay writing (planning, spelling, writing techniques, proofreading)
  • Research and referencing techniques
  • Reading
  • Note-taking
  • Organisation and time management
  • Exam techniques (revision, time management, planning)
  • Wellbeing (procrastination and stress management)

A report is then drafted to give an overview of the students’ needs and how this can be approached using technology and key study strategies. The student will be provided with a list of suggested technology, that they can access for free, to support their learning.

How many sessions?

We recommend having 4 sessions, but some students may require more or less depending on their needs. This can be reviewed with the tutor, who will collaboratively build a dynamic learning plan with the student. Learning will be reviewed throughout the sessions to ensure progress is reflectively measured (and celebrated!). 

Study support sessions last 2 hours and are conducted online via video conference software. D&A tutors are experts at delivering online support, making sessions interactive and engaging. 


Who is it for?

This support is ideal for students in further education embarking on level 3 qualifications (AS-Levels, A-Levels, access to higher education diploma and advanced apprenticeship etc). 

The support is available for students of all abilities, with or without an official specific learning difference (SpLD) diagnosis or Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) statement. Whatever the strengths and challenges, this support is designed to reinforce the student’s learning style and success. If you think you may benefit from support, but are unsure, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more. 

Costs & D&A Study Bursary

– Initial 1 hour needs assessment and report, with a recommendation of technology and strategies: £180+ VAT

– 1-hour training session: £60 + VAT

– 2-hour training session: £120 + VAT

We will not let cost be the deciding factor in who can and can’t access support. 

If cost poses a barrier to accessing this support, you can apply for a D&A Study Bursary to cover the cost of 4 sessions. The bursary was set up to ensure no-one gets left behind. If the cost of this support is unaffordable, we might be able to help. This bursary might be particularly helpful for care-experienced young people or those who are experiencing social/ financial hardship.

To apply: tell us why you would like support by emailing Tell us what you’re passionate about, what you’re great at and what you find more difficult. You can tell us in a video, audio recording, mind map or essay- whichever medium allows you to express yourself most easily. Please remember to include your name, email address, phone number, and the name of your school or college.

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