D&A’s IT Team

Welcome to D&A’s IT Team page, our small tech-niche on this wonderful website. Here we describe a few of the exciting projects we’re working on, we’d love for you to help us with them, so get in touch!

D&A’s IT Team

Welcome to D&A’s IT Team page, our small tech-niche on this wonderful website. Here we describe a few of the exciting projects we’re working on, we’d love for you to help us with them, so get in touch!

A screenshot of the AXS Passport website, showing the dashboard for a demo organisation's view of the site. On the page is a share link and QR code to share passports with the organisation, information about how many people have shared their passport with the organisation, and which requirements those people have.

AXS Passport

Our team created the AXS Passport. It’s a modern take on the idea of the accessibility passport, and we have had an absolute blast working on it!

As well as the web app we’ve built an API and (with the help of DapApps) a native app. It’s the first time we’ve built something that spans so many environments.

AXS Passport has first-class support for translations. We’ve taken care to make sure that every aspect of the site can be translated into multiple languages. Including right-to-left reading languages like Arabic. It’s early days for getting 100% translation coverage, but we’re working on. Give it a go by adding ?lang=ar to the end of any AXS Passport URL. We’re supporting the 6 official languages of the UN, so you can use ar, en, es, fr, ru, and zh. (Use the en link to switch back to english.)

We’re also proud of our theming options and features. We’ve kept the number of colours to a minimum in order that we can offer really robust themes. If you don’t choose a theme then we’ll default you to your OS preference of light or dark mode. Or choose one of our other preset themes. Not only do we re-colour the background and text, we also re-colour the logos and images. Check it out on the about page!


AXS Signature

AXS Signature is an open source tool/service for collecting electronic signatures from your users in an easy and ultra accessible way. We built it becuase we weren’t happy with the current state of affairs. We don’t want our users’ signatures sitting on someone else’s server, and we want to know exactly what’s happening with all of their data.

We have exciting plans for this project. We want to support as many forms of signature as we can. Not just your bread and butter, “type here”, “upload here”, etc. What about audio signatures? Or animated signatures?

AXS Signature is a young project and we’d really appreciate any help that you can offer. Do you have some developers that can provide some dev time? Or project managers that can help us organise our backlog? Or do you know a market that would really love this open source solution? Get in touch!


Screenshot of an AXS Signature popup box. It provides instructions to find a secure link that has been emailed to the user. It also shows a loading icon and a unique session ID. Some personal information has been redacted.
A screenshot of the audit tool in action. It has highlighted an image inside a webpage and is asking if the image's alt text describe's content other than that displayed. The image contains the words

AXS Audit

AXS Audit is our most ambitious open source project so far! It’s a semi-automated tool to help accessibility auditors run high-quality and thorough WCAG audits. We think that the fully-automated tooling out there leaves a lot to be desired. Too much about an audit depends on the context of the content, something that (currently) only a human can provide. So we’re building a tool that walks an auditor through a website, flagging as much as can be automatically flagged and providing tools to fill in the missing context.

We want a tool that produces excellent reports, with detailed and specific information for developers, and useful, understandable content for everyone else. We want a tool that makes it easier to understand the WCAG with better documentation and more examples. We want it to be a joy to use!

The possibilities of this tool are really exciting, we’d love for you to help us build it. Get in touch if you think you can provide any amount of skills, experience, developer time, documentation writing, anything and everything.