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Your Journey Awaits: Embrace Intersectionality!

Begin your exploration now, as we unravel the layers of intersectionality, weaving a tapestry of diversity and inclusion. Listen to each podcast and share with us on social media your thoughts using #LabelsAndLegacies, especially what keeps you hopeful. 

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1. What is Intersectionality? And Why Does it Matter?

Guests: Dr Shani Dhanda and Kamran Malick

Join the insightful conversation on the fundamental concepts of intersectionality. Delve into its significance and explore how it is currently addressed in the workplace. Engage with thought-provoking questions that challenge conventional norms and provide a glimpse into the future.

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2. What is an Intersectionally Feminist Workplace?

Guests: Samantha Hiew and Marcia Brissett-Bailey

Translate academic concepts into tangible actions as we discuss the evolution of intersectionality in the workplace. Hear firsthand experiences from advocates of intersectional feminism, exploring the motivations behind their commitment. Gain insights into creating an intersectionally feminist workplace.

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3. An Intersectional, Inclusive Welcome: How to Integrate EDI into Your Recruitment 

Guests: Tahirah Yasin and Perry Timms

Explore the concept of an “intersectional welcome” in recruitment. Uncover common gaps and challenges organisations face and learn how tailored strategies can address diverse identities. Discover the metrics of success in implementing intersectional EDI in recruitment.

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4. From Bias to Belonging: How to Make Inclusion Explicit 

Guests: Hannah Litt and Vic Mazonas

Navigate the realm of ‘implicit bias training’ and ‘unconscious bias training.’ Seek antidotes to biases and witness real-life examples of organisations working towards honouring intersectional experiences. Stay hopeful as we unravel the path from bias to true belonging.

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5. What Does It Mean to Be an Intersectional Leader?

Guests: Dr Sarah Hughes, Mandeep Rupra, and Nelson Derry

Define intersectional leadership and understand the challenges leaders face in fostering inclusivity. Gain insights into navigating the delicate balance between individual identities and team cohesion. Let our experts guide you on the journey towards becoming an intersectional leader.

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6. Doing Justice to Intersectional Stories: How to Communicate an Intersectional Message

Guests: Onyinye Udokporo and Kate Nash

Uncover the crucial role of effective communication in the intersectional landscape. Explore examples of successful intersectional messaging and learn strategies for maintaining a professional tone while ensuring inclusivity. Stay hopeful as we conclude our journey into intersectionality.

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