Compiling a Bibliography Guide

This handout is a guide to compiling a bibliography (Harvard Style).

All papers referred to in your essay need to be listed in full in your bibliography. They should be listed in alphabetical order according to the surnames of the authors as given on the title page or front cover of the book.

For example, it might look like:

Baker, J….

Butterworth, G & Smith, B….

Mason, H

Mason, T…..

Tamworth, P….


Full details for every book are placed in the following order:

Surname, First Initial. (Year) Publication Name, Publisher Location : Publisher

Flanagan, K. (1997) The Essential Guide to Surviving Exams**, Dublin : Marino Press

Single articles in journals and chapters from books are also listed in the bibliography according to the name of the author. Note that the full details of the text are followed by the name of the editor(s), date and title of the journal or book they are published in and publisher’s details.

See examples below:

Chapter in a book:

Butterman, G (1996) Context and Cognition. In Light, P, Brown G (Eds) Models of Cognitive Development. Oxford: Oxford Press

Article in journal:

Reed, S K, Dempsey and Ettinger, M (1985), Solutions for solving algebra word

problems, Journal of Experimental Psychology 11: pp106-25***

Some departments require a separate list for websites, although when integrated into a single list, where the author is unknown, these are placed according to the name of the site

** Note that the main publication appears in italics

*** Page numbers for journal articles also need to be included as well as journal number.