Dance Mat Typing

Written by Michael Woodman

If you find a computer keyboard difficult to use, or if you simply find that watching your fingers when you type means that you make mistakes, it might be a good idea to learn to touch type, (touch typing means being able to look at the screen when you are typing, and training yourself to remember where the keys are).

Dance Mat Typing is a free introductory touch typing tool – although it is aimed at younger users, it is an excellent introduction to this skill for users of any age. Dance Mat Typing is completely free, and can be accessed through the internet browser of any computer connected to the internet.

  • Gradually get used to not having to watch your fingers as you type: Dance Mat Typing shows a keyboard on the screen to help you build confidence.
  • Work through a series of typing exercises that gradually increase in difficulty – although the website is aimed at younger users, the exercises become appreciably more challenging as you work through them. Come back and practice any time you like!
  • Exercises are delivered in a multisensory format, using colourful animation and music to help you cement your learning and make the whole process fun. You even get a reward at the end of each module.