Written by Michael Woodman

Dictionary.com is a free-to-access online dictionary, with apps available for both iOS and Android phones. You can also create an account at Dictionary.com, (or simply login using facebook), allowing you to save custom word lists to look back at later on.

Dictionary.com includes many excellent features, including:

  • Spelling CorrectionIf you enter a spelling incorrectly when searching, dictionary.com will redirect you to a list of words that it considers to be similar to the one you were trying to find.
  • Detailed information about the words you search for:Once you have found the word you were looking for, you can:
    • see a definition
    • find synonyms for the word
    • find out the origin of the word
    • translate the word into a different language
    • hear the word spoken aloud
    • see the word broken down into syllables
  • Offline Browsing of words:Use the iOS and Android apps to search for words even when you have no internet connection.
  • Articles:Dictionary.com features a range of interesting articles, (including topics about grammar, easily confused words, and even a “word of the day” to help you expand your vocabulary).

Top Tip: You can also use google as a dictionary; try typing “define” followed by any word into google. The first search result will always be a google dictionary entry, featuring a definition, notes about correct usage, an audio clip of the word being said aloud, and the word’s origin.