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Dropbox is a service that lets you back up files so they are safe and on hand when you need them!

How it works

Dropbox makes a new folder on your computer. Anything you put in that folder is then synchronised with secure online services. So if something happens to your computer you can download the files again. And you can access the same files from any computer, phone or tablet (once you have logged in with your password).

Best Features

  • Easy to set up
  • Safely saves and syncs files to any number of devices
  • Share photos and files with others. These can be bigger files than can be attached to emails
  • Rather than email different versions of a document back and forth, collaborate on the same document by sharing it on Dropbox
  • Access your documents from any computer by simply logging onto Dropbox
  • Restore previous versions of documents: if you don’t like the changes you made to an document you can go back to the original

Why I Love DropBox

I get to see my files and photos on my phone, on my laptop, on my home desktop, as well as from other computers when I’m out and about. And I’m confident that my files are backed up automatically which is reassuring.