Essay Writer 3D

Written by Michael Woodman

Essay Writer 3D is a concept mapping program, (much like Mindview, Mindmanager, or Inspiration). It allows you to create “spider diagrams” or “mind maps” on your computer. Unlike other similar programs, Essay Writer 3D pitches itself as being a tool specifically for turning your maps into essays, (as opposed to, say, creating a revision map).

  • Get ideas down quickly: Use the Rapid Fire tool to put your thoughts onto the page quickly. This tool behaves much like the Rapid Fire tool found in Inspiration.
  • Drag and drop topics to restructure your map: You can also add more detailed text notes inside topics for export to Word later on.
  • Auto-arrange your map: Tidy your initial thought map with the click of a button e.g. rearrange the map as a top down tree.
  • Add images and colour coding: Group concepts together visually and add images to make it easier to navigate around your map.
  • Export your finished essay to a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word: The latest version of Essay Writer also features referencing and contents page tools.

Essay Writer’s interface is a little bit unusual; it takes a bit of getting used to if you are more familiar with programs like Mindview or Mindmanager. However, the latest version of this software does add some interesting essay-specific tools not normally seen in these types of programs:

  • Academic phrasebank: Banks of custom academic phrases can be automatically loaded into your essay plan to help you think critically about the structure of your writing.
  • Automatic paragraph highlighting: For essays which follow a very rigid paragraph structure, Essay Writer will automatically highlight sentences using colours to denote topic sentences, arguments, and conclusions.