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Evernote is software designed for note taking and archiving. It enables you to save and collate “notes” of all different kinds: regular text, a webpage, a photograph, a voice memo, or even a handwritten note. You can add file attachments to notes and also sort them into folders, tag, edit, comment on and share notes. Evernote is compatible with a range of operating systems and devices and is synced automatically. Think of it like a digital scrap-book that you can carry with you everywhere

Best Features

  • Create ‘Notes’, which are a blank page in your scrap-book
  • Type in some text; Maybe a sudden flash of inspiration, or a reminder to yourself, or a phone message
  • Set an alarm to remind you to review the note, in an hours time, a day or even weeks in the future
  • Create a checklist with working check boxes (great for shopping lists!)
  • Drag and drop PDFs into a note for easily accessible reading across all your devices
  • Organise notes into notebooks to keep them tidy and make it easy to find the note you want
  • Share notes with other Evernote users
  • Use the Web Clipper add on for your browser to save online articles to Evernote, just like sticking newspaper clippings into a real scrap book. Great for research or just so you can easily find that interesting article that your friend posted to facebook when you finally have time to read it!
  • Record short voice memos too, or video clips if your device has a camera
  • Don’t worry about losing anything, Evernote automatically saves everything and syncs it with an online account
  • There are a host of add-ons available to work with Evernote to customise your experience

Why I Love Evernote

Evernote basically does everything you need it to do to help you to remember things. Need to make a To-do list? Evernote does that. Need to set a reminder for yourself to call someone when you get home? Evernote does that. Just need somewhere to quickly jot down a phone message? Evernote does that.

Remember all those post-it notes on the mirror, or scraps of paper that get lost at the bottom of your bag or in between pages of the book you’re reading? Say goodbye to them.

Evernote is compatible with your Mac or PC and all your mobile devices, so you can create a note on your computer at home and instantly be able to view it on your phone or tablet, and vice versa.

I use Evernote on a daily basis, just in the last few days I have used it to:

  • Save a recipe I found online
  • Make a note to remind myself to check out an event that looked interesting on a poster on the underground
  • Made a shopping list
  • Easily access a training guide for when my mind goes blank during work
  • Jot down a fragment of a lyric to a song I’m working on that came to me at entirely the wrong moment
  • Bring up a PDF to read while commuting.