F.lux is a great tool that adjusts your screen’s brightness according to the time of day. Staring at a bright screen, especially at night, is hard on your eyes and it can affect your sleep too. F.lux learns where you are and where the sun is in the sky and matches your screen to your eyes.

  • Adjusts the colour of your device’s display to the type of light around you – warmer at night and more like sunlight during the day.
  • Working late mode: for extreme night owls, this setting removes its solar timing and gives you 14 hours of bright waking light.
  • Darkroom mode: Removes 100% of blue and green light and inverts colors. Darkroom mode also preserves night vision while using a screen.
  • Movie mode: Lasts 2.5 hours. Preserves colors and shadow detail for watching movies with reduced alerting light.

Why I Love F.lux

I find that the glare of the screen leaves my eyes feeling bleary and tired after a long day of staring at the computer. F.lux is a really simple way of removing that glare!
Plus, if you end up using your computer near bedtime, it’s not so great as the blue light tricks your brain into thinking it’s daylight hours – and this makes it harder to shut off when you actually want to sleep. F.lux dims your screen, making it warmer at sunset, removing that unnatural daylight glow that stimulates your brain when you don’t want it to!