Written by Jonathan Middleton

Inspiration is a concept mapping tool that supports visual, non-linear thinking. You can create diagrams to explore your ideas, plan essays and presentations, or organise tasks.

Here are some ways that you can use Inspiration:

Working on an essay

  • Trouble getting started? Try using the “Rapidfire” mode to get your ideas on the page without having to think their order.
  • Organise and structure topics in a concept map and then view them as a list
  • Break the essay down into manageable chunks then begin to write them up
  • Export your work directly into Word

Learning and revision

  • Map out your ideas- add visual cues using colour and images to aid memory
  • Add more information by linking to websites or files
  • Test yourself on different topics or print out your map and put it on the wall


  • Plan out your presentation topics
  • Convert your concept map into a slideshow using Presentation Mode
  • Write notes on each topic and export it to Word as a presentation script

Organisation and tasks

  • Creating a visual to-do list can help you get an overview of what you need to do
  • Easily break down tasks into manageable chunks then prioritise and tick off as you go

Why I Love Inspiration

Not everyone thinks and plans in the same way. If you find it challenging to organise your thoughts, if the structure of an essay doesn’t come naturally to you, if you like to see things mapped out in a visual format, or if you’re just struggling to get started, Inspiration gives you a flexible set of tools that could better suit your own thinking and learning style.