Written by Michael Woodman

MindView is a mind-mapping software package; it is an excellent resource for learners who want to plan their essays visually, or create multi-sensory revision maps.

How it Works

MindView allows you to create large, colourful, multisensory mind maps, (or ‘spider diagrams’), so that ideas can be added in a non-linear way. Key ideas can be expanded on, and then rearranged to define the structure of an essay, the content of a revision map, the key points of a presentation, etc. Whatever content you are trying to create, MindView will simplify the brainstorming and editing process.

Best Features

  • Intuitive map creation using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Easy navigation and show / hide options to make sure that large maps don’t get overwhelming.
  • Add text notes, links to research, audio-notes, colour coding and images to create a multisensory learning tool
  • Advanced tools for time management & project management, (Gantt Charts / Project Mode).
  • Export into a variety of formats including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.