Written by Michael Woodman

Prezi is an online presentation tool which works very differently from Microsoft Powerpoint (or any program that shows slides). In Prezi, your content is arranged over a broad canvas that you can zoom in and out of, either by clicking on key points with the mouse, or by programming the order in which each element is focussed on.

It is easy to add dynamic animation, sound, and links to external resources. The program exists online and is accessible through a web browser, a number of different iOS apps, or via a desktop tool for PC or Mac. The Android version of the App is not quite as fully featured, but does still allow you to view and run through presentations you have made.

Some great features include:

  • Present wherever there is a computer connected to the internet:Prezi is browser based, so as long as you can get online, you can simply log in to your account and start presenting. This means you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues with different presentation programs when you use somebody else’s computer.
  • Free for public use:You can create as many presentations as you like, as long as you are comfortable with these being public, and searchable online.
  • Non-linear:Easily program the presentation’s focus to move from one part of the presentation canvas to the next, or return to earlier points to place them in a new context. For people who like working with other non linear tools, (such as mind maps), a Prezi can be a very appealing way of communicating your ideas.
  • Collaborate online:You can add up to 10 authors to a single presentation, allowing multiple users to work on specific areas.