SQR3 Handout

Written by Scarlett James

SQR3 (Survey, Question, Read, Recall and Review) is a method of active and effective reading showing you how to organise information.

Step 1: Survey

Quickly glance through the book, focusing on chapter titles, sub-topics, and key sentences. Take note of chapter summaries or conclusions. Try to predict the author’s main points. Jot down these notes on paper, then review them for an overall understanding.

Step 2: Question

Transform paragraph headings into questions (e.g., change “Basic Concepts of Reading” to “What are the Basic Concepts of Reading?”). Write down these questions.

Step 3: Read

Read attentively to address the questions you formulated. Summarize the material using your own words under each question.

Step 4: Recall

After finishing the reading, mentally recap the essential parts of the material without referring to your books or notes. Prioritize spending more time recalling than on initial reading.

Step 5: Review

Evaluate your questions, answers, notes, and the book content to assess the accuracy of your recall. Conclude by forming a comprehensive mental image of the entire content.