Study Blue

Written by Michael Woodman

Studyblue is an online study and revision tool, based around the idea of using “index cards” to make new information memorable. You may have tried the “index card” system before – writing questions or prompts on one side of a card, and then writing the answer on the other so that you can systematically work through your deck to revise.

Studyblue supercharges this process by allowing you to access and work through as many of your own “virtual” cards as you like, either via the Studyblue website on a computer, or via the iOS and Android apps.

While you can’t access all of Studyblue’s 300 million flashcards and 1 million files with a free account, you can still access lots of great features:

  • Create as many index cards as you like for personal use, or to share with friends. Cards can be text based, or include images, audio, and even equations.
  • Test yourself systematically on your own cards – dynamically generated quizzes help you keep track of how much you have revised effectively.
  • With a free account, you can still access a large library of course materials and cards relevant to a wide variety of subjects, although certain features are limited, (i.e. quizzes on these card sets are restricted to 5 card previews).
  • Join a “class” – certain universities, colleges and institutions have already registered with Studyblue, and have placed course specific information on the website. Why not try logging in and seeing if there are any materials available for your course?