Techdis CereProc Voices

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Jack and Jess are the names of voices you can add to your text-to-speech program. They are both natural sounding voices and can be added for free!

  • The voices have UK regional accents that sound realistic and natural, making it easier to listen to long documents or detailed articles.
  • They are easily downloaded and installed on any text-to-speech type application.
  • Available for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices.
  • Free for post-16 UK students (Scottish students can also get three free Scottish accent voices).
  • Can even be used to create audio files with the help of a text-to-speech program such as Balabolka, Read&Write or Claroread.

Why I Love the Techdis CereProc Voices

I love using my text-to-speech program to convert scanned text to audio files. Then I can use my travelling time to study, listening to Jess read my text aloud to me.