Zotero makes referencing really easy!

Gather reference information quickly and easily.

  • Collect all your research sources straight from your internet browser – (plugins for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are available).
  • Organise references into collections in your Zotero library, so that they are easily accessible when needed.

Insert citations into your documents with just a few mouse clicks:

  • Zotero works really well with Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Google Docs.
  • If you have a different text editor, you can still export your bibliography and paste it directly into your document.

Let Zotero create your bibliography for you:

  • When entering citations within your document using Zotero, the software can then automatically generate the relevant references for your bibliography.
  • Zotero has well over 9000 citation styles to choose from, or, you can create your own.

Backup your reference library online:

  • Using the Zotero desktop client you can register for a free Zotero online account from the Zotero website.
  • Having registered, you will then be able to sync your library and all your research information between computers and devices using Zotero’s online service.
  • You will be allocated 300mb free, (additional space is offered for a purchase fee).

Check out our Zotero YouTube playlist here. You can watch bitesize video guides that will take you through the basics and get you set up!