Assistive Technology Training

Assistive Technology can support with lots of different aspects of studying. From mind mapping programmes to spell checkers, there are many tools that make student life easier.

This is strategy based training that will ensure you’re able to use your Assistive Technology and equipment in a way that will transform the way you learn.

We can help you develop important strategies that will help you manage:

  • Organisation & timekeeping
  • Essay composition & planning
  • Reading & proofreading
  • Note Taking
  • Research & referencing
  • Revision
  • Mental Health & procrastination

We believe that while extremely useful, the software can be difficult to understand. By having specialist training tailored around your needs makes a huge difference in using it effectively.

Our trainers

Our experienced trainers have detailed knowledge of DSA software and a vast array of complementary Open Source and Free Apps. Training would typically be provided at your home and a session would usually last for around two to three hours – but that depends on your preference and your allocation of support. You can check with our team to be sure!

“Liz at D&A was incredible from start to finish. She is so patient, knowledgeable, understanding and helpful. Liz completely transformed how I see and feel about my dyslexia and support. I am so excited to continue to learn with my software and I have never felt so prepared to take on another year at university. I can honestly say that my experience with D&A has been transformational.”

“I am a mature student so coming back to Uni at such a late stage filled me with fear and dread, sadly that didn’t improve when I started my MA and then towards the end of my course I was diagnosed with SLD’s and although the time has been short, I have been very, very lucky to have worked with Charlotte at D&A who has been an angel.”

D&A were able to show how assistive technology can be used to aid each individual student’s needs rather than training students on every feature of the software. They have been able to provide a bespoke training programme for our students with disabilities ensuring that they see the benefit of AT and how it can be used to assist them during their time at University and beyond.

Karen Hocking, Disability Services Manager, Plymouth University

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