Workplace Needs  Assessment

Everyone brings valuable skills and knowledge to their workplace, and we want to strengthen this remarkable diversity. To do this we need to build a better understanding of the work landscape and any barriers people encounter within it.

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Workplace needs assessments are designed to provide an overview of any challenges you might face at work, as a result of neurodiversity or disability. We will work closely with you to understand the specific barriers you come up against in your day-to-day work, that have an impact on your confidence, wellbeing and productivity.  We can then make recommendations for adjustments or support that can help you reach your potential. This might be anything from using Assistive Technology to having access to a quiet place to work. We will support you and your manager to ensure any changes can be made effectively and smoothly.


Adjustments don’t have to be costly or complicated but can make a world of difference. There is even a government-funded scheme called ‘Access to Work’ which can pay for ongoing support. To find out more about the Access to Work scheme, you can visit our Access to Work Find your Way Guide.

The D&A Workplace Needs Assessment involves answering a short set of questions in advance of the assessment and a 1-hour assessment meeting; this can be face to face, by video or phone call depending on your preference and circumstances. Support workers and other representatives are welcome to attend with you if you prefer. A report of recommendations will be made available to you and your line manager.

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