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Inclusive Communications Review

Communicating without being inclusive will immediately signal to your staff, customers and stakeholders that you are not welcoming diversity. We can help you fix it.

What is an Inclusive Communication Review?

A collection of social media logos, communication icons, and team photos

Our team of Inclusion Consultants will assess up to five pieces of communications collateral. 

They will take a holistic perspective on accessibility to determine how you can upgrade the inclusion of your communications. Using an intersectional lens, they will support you to break down digital and attitudinal access barriers to include a more diverse audience.

Our Communications Review will analyse:

  • Structure
  • Language
  • Font and Typeface
  • Images 
  • Videos

Why is D&A’s Inclusive Communications Review the best option?


You don’t always have to be an expert 

You will learn from our lived experience as we rigorously test your content using the very assistive technologies that are an integral part of our daily toolkit.

Gain valuable insights into user experience and journey

Gain greater insight into a diverse range of users, unveiling their experiences of interacting with your organisation.

Guarantee innovation and growth

Reach the widest pool of users and ensure your communication resonates inclusively and effectively.

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