A wheelchair user, man on a chair, and a woman on the floor have a conversation at a training session.

Inclusive Recruitment and Workplace Adjustments Reviews

Whether you’re struggling to recruit or retain a diverse workforce we have the review for you.

We recommend a combined Inclusive Recruitment and Adjustments Review to maximise impact and ensure a refined transition from recruitment to retention. We also offer each review separately as an Inclusive Recruitment Review or Workplace Adjustments Review. 

What is an Inclusive Recruitment Review?

If you’re seeking diversity, you need to recruit inclusively. We delve into your recruitment processes and policies, and find out exactly where the gaps are and at what stage of the process diverse candidates are getting stuck. 

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What is a Workplace Adjustments Review?

Our Workplace Adjustments review dives into the process employees go through when requesting adjustments and support. 

We review the nature and consistency of support across the organisation and investigate how the process is understood by teams. Through a comprehensive report of recommendations for streamlining existing processes and implementing new ones, you’ll have everything you need to create spaces where every employee can access and support each other.

Why are D&A’s Inclusive Recruitment and/or Workplace Adjustments Reviews the best options for your team?

Harness the power of diversity of thought

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You want a diverse team. But do you know why, beyond KPIs, quotas, and tickboxes? Diversity of thought breeds innovation in an unlimited way. We’ll ensure you can reach the most diverse pool of talent.

Discover gaps that would otherwise go unnoticed 







You don’t need to be an expert in everything; that’s where we come in! With our expert knowledge, underpinned by our diverse mix of lived experiences, we’ll identify where you’re missing out on recruiting and retaining diverse staff. And celebrate where you’re keeping them too!

Establish real belonging in your workplace

When your team feels like they belong, they’ll be ready to work more collaboratively and innovatively.. If they don’t have the support to work at the same level as their peers, they won’t participate at the same level. Our reviews allow you to identify how to get your staff the support they need.

Don’t just talk the talk

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You’ve nailed the jargon and buzzwords, and you’ve told everyone that you’re inclusive. But are you demonstrating inclusion in your recruitment and workplace adjustment processes? We’ll work with you to mitigate and eliminate the barriers in your processes, communicating to potential candidates and your diverse staff that you understand and value their needs.

Don’t just hire them – retain them!






So you’ve recruited an amazing diverse team. What now? If you don’t have inclusive processes in place to continue supporting them, you’ll lose them. Our workplace adjustments review will ensure the learnings you made in an inclusive recruitment review don’t go down the drain.

Ensure consistency across the whole organisation






Having processes for workplace adjustments is only the start. If the processes are outdated, dependent on a diagnosis and/or vary between line managers, then they aren’t as inclusive as you think. Let’s get them updated so that no one misses out on support.

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