Study Skills Support

This is tailored one-to-one support which equips you with all the necessary study skills required in higher education. It is sometimes referred to as “specific learning difference” (SpLD) support. 

Where appropriate, we integrate assistive technology strategies, so that the support is holistic and you are making the most out of your Disabled Students’ Allowance. That way, support is consistent and reinforces techniques you’re already using.

We will help you understand your learning style, to embrace your strengths and work on strategies to overcome challenges. You may already be using a range of strategies, if so we can help you refine these and introduce new ones.

Broadly, these are the core study skills we will support you to develop:

  • Organisation & timekeeping
  • Essay composition & planning
  • Reading & proofreading
  • Note taking
  • Research & referencing
  • Revision
  • Mental Health & procrastination

Our trainers

All of our tutors are highly trained and qualified to work with students with a range of learning differences. Support would typically be provided in a quiet, distraction-free space at university. A session would usually last one to two hours – but that depends on your preference and your allocation of support. You can check with our team to be sure! 

“I really struggled at the beginning with my reading skills as the amount of reading I had to do was huge! Sharon at D&A noticed that my note-taking and reading style was ineffective. Over the last two weeks, we’ve worked on this and I’ve found her help and advice amazing. She has totally changed the way I look at reading, and my notes are now much more efficient, relevant and structured. This has meant that I go to class with a much clearer broader understanding of a topic. I couldn’t be more grateful to her for all her help and support, she really does go the extra mile for her students.”

D&A were able to show how assistive technology can be used to aid each individual student’s needs rather than training students on every feature of the software. They have been able to provide a bespoke training programme for our students with disabilities ensuring that they see the benefit of AT and how it can be used to assist them during their time at University and beyond.

Karen Hocking, Disability Services Manager, Plymouth University

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