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When you implement the right tools, strategies and processes, you witness life-enhancing results.

Founded on our professional expertise and lived experience, our suite of workshops will equip you with everything you need to transform your environments and processes. Plus, all of our support is specifically tailored to meet the needs and goals of you, your team, and your learners.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusive Practice

Enhancing inclusion isn’t just the right thing to do. When it’s done right, disability inclusion brings multiple advantages across all areas of your institution. It provides a renewed focus on staff and student experience, promoting openness and wellbeing. It builds community, creating a welcome for all: students, staff and visitors. It fosters an environment in which retention, performance and belonging are valued and enhanced.

Foundations of Disability Inclusion

Changing The Way We Understand Disability​

Inclusive and accessible change isn’t just the right thing to do; it creates a more positive and productive learning and working environment.

In this session, our facilitator will share their lived experience as a disabled person, as well as their diversity and inclusion expertise. You’ll get a comprehensive insight into how we can transform our perceptions and understanding of disability, using practical examples from the educational environment.

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Embedding Principles into Practice

A foundation of awareness is vital. But what’s even more important is to progress those principles into practice.

This session will give you the insight and tools you need to foster sustained, accessible change across your university. We’ll examine examples of good practice from across the sector, considering the physical, digital and learning space, leaving you with a personal and collective perspective on how inclusive practice fits within your roles and responsibilities.

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Inclusive Digital Design and Communications

71% of disabled people will click away from a web or module page if we feel it is inaccessible. The information we need is there, but it’s hidden in long words, complex sentences and difficult design.

We’ll explore how you can embed simple accessibility principles and practices effortlessly into your work to make content accessible for all.

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Inclusivity Through Digital Accessibility

Just as buildings should have access ramps, digital text should be readable.

We’ll introduce you to the barriers people face in accessing digital content and how we can embed the simple principles and practices that make digital content more accessible for everyone.

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Inclusivity Through Physical Accessibility

Ensure your environment welcomes everyone by making accessibility the foundation of your approach to planning and developing the built environment.

We’ll give you a first-hand insight into the challenges, both seen and unseen, that cause significant barriers for disabled people (students, staff and visitors).

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Inclusion Beyond Access, A New Approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Designed for Higher Education staff.

This three-part session will introduce you to a new, intersectional approach to inclusion.

We’ll cover:

  • Access is not inclusion: we’ll demonstrate how you can improve student retention and institutional success by focusing not on providing access, but making sure people feel included.
  • Enhancing EDI and embedding intersectionality: you’ll benefit from a practical, joined-up perspective to EDI that enhances equality, fosters diversity and breaks down inclusion barriers.
  • Embedding the social model and championing neurodiversity: we’ll introduce you to the social model of disability, and how to embed it in your approach to EDI. You’ll see how the social model is the key to unlocking strategic and cultural success, using micro and macro examples from across the higher education sector.

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Student Experience

ADHD, Celebrating Diversity and Overcoming Study Barriers

We’ll equip you with an enhanced understanding of ADHD and the barriers presented to those with ADHD. Together, we’ll discuss how ADHD is defined, understood, and diagnosed.

You’ll leave this session equipped with strategies to help you alleviate the barriers and challenges experienced by people with ADHD, making environments that are more positive and inclusive for everyone.

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From Arriving to Thriving, Embedding Effective Disabled Student Support ​

Designed for Higher Education staff.

This session will explore how, in your role as a student support practitioner, you can embed the tangible provisions that will enhance the experiences of your disabled and neurodiverse students.

We’ll introduce you to the Disabled Students’ Allowance, cover key terminologies and legislation, and navigate you through the differences in support for disabled people in school, university, and the workplace.

You’ll also explore how you can champion an integrative approach across student support departments, including widening participation and student experience, to create a space of belonging for disabled students.

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