Profile photo of Alex, a white non-binary person with straight ginger hair and glasses, who is smiling at the camera.

Alex Bacon

Project Manager, Training and Innovations

Pronouns: they/them

Alex joined Diversity & Ability (D&A) at the beginning of 2021 as a Workplace Inclusion Coordinator. Throughout their time at D&A they have supported a cross team approach to coordination which led them to their current position as the Training and Innovations Project Manager. In this role Alex oversees all projects from beginning to end and takes an active role in delivering specialised consultancy projects. 

Prior to joining D&A, Alex achieved their Bachelors and Master of the Arts degrees in social science. Alex has always been driven by the desire for a more accessible and supportive world that celebrates diversity by challenging bias and dismantling systemic barriers that hold everyone back. 

They have over eight years of voluntary experience working with non-profit organisations aimed at inclusion and access in varying communities across the world. Their experience ranges from filming, logistics to direct leadership roles in voluntary, public sector and social enterprise spaces. Alex is a keen researcher with over 8 years of qualitative research experience, and has co-written and led on many reports during their time at D&A. 

Alex is also a trained watercolour artist, so when they are not at work you can assume they will be painting.