ropped head shot of a white woman with shoulder length brown curly hair, and brown eyes. She is wearing blue & pink glasses, and a white shirt with red roses, with matching rose necklace and earrings. She looks at the camera and smiles. She is indoors and standing before two framed paintings featuring ancient Egyptian imagery

Alexandra Morris

Inclusion Consultant

Alexandra F. Morris (she/her) is an Egyptologist and disability activist. She strongly believes in the right for disabled people to learn about our history in an inclusive manner, especially that which dates back to the ancient world. She recently was awarded her PhD in history (2022), and is currently an Associate Lecturer in Heritage and the Humanities at the University of Lincoln, an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham,  Access Guide with Diversity and Ability, and Tutor with the Brilliant Club. Her research is on disability in ancient Egypt and creating inclusive museums. She holds an MA in Museum Studies, and an MA in Near Eastern Languages & Civilisations (Egyptology). Her BA is in Archaeological Studies, Anthropology, and Art History with minors in Classics and history. Alexandra is also a Co-Founder of the UK Disability History and Heritage Hub, Co-Chair of CripAntiquity, Co-Chair of Communications for the Museum Education Roundtable, serves on the Editorial Board for Asterion Hub, and is Chair of the Lewisboro, NY Advisory Committee for the Disabled. She is co-editing the book Disability in Ancient Egypt and Egyptology: All Our Yesterdays, and authoring the monograph Disability in the Ptolemaic and Hellenistic World, 332-30 BCE: Plato’s Stepchildren: both under contract with Routledge. She has cerebral palsy and dyspraxia.