An asian woman with black straight hair, who is smiling at the camera

Anwara Ali

Assistive Technology Trainer

Pronouns: She/Her

Anwara has a passion for all things sustainability! A Business graduate from Cranfield University, she developed a passion for advocating environmental and social impact from a young age. She thrives in multi-diverse and culturally rich environments where there are opportunities to collaborate, learn and share skills and experience. 

Having personally experienced barriers in education and organisational establishments, Anwara understands the challenges individuals face and ultimately she has the motivation to help people realise their potential. She is your “go-to girl” for a catch-up and can strike up a conversation about anything! 

Anwara loves reading nonfiction, exploring nature and going for walks, volunteering, spending time with her family and cat and of course finding quirky little cafes to sip on a latte. I mean who doesn’t like a good coffee right?