Profile photo of Catherine, a white woman with long straight brown hair who is smiling at the camera

Catherine Hennen

Specialist Mentor (MH)

Pronouns: She/Her

Catherine works for D&A as a Specialist Mental Health Mentor for DSA students, mainly remotely. After completing her BSc in Psychology and her MSc in Development & Psychopathology at the University of Reading, she has moved to various places across England and Wales with her husband. She will shortly be settling down in Oxfordshire where she is looking forward to having a small garden space to be able to grow things. She grew a few too many tomatoes during the pandemic that may or may not have caused a mould issue in her flat. 

Catherine loves all things tea, especially quirky flavours like Tea & Toast or Christmas Cake and is always open to trying new teas if anyone has any suggestions. She also loves cats and Harry Potter (Hufflepuff and proud). When she isn’t working, you will normally find Catherine chasing after her toddler at a baby group or attempting to bake something, although she is somewhat of a disaster chef, preferring to deviate away from recipes to “experiment”.

On difficult days, Catherine loves to watch her favourite TV series’ (Friends, The Office US or Disney vlogs on Youtube) with a hot water bottle and many many layers of cosy blankets.