Headshot image of Charlotte, a white woman with short blonde hair with a tiny bit of purple at the back, smiling at the camera. She has some sparkly make up around their eyes, and is wearing a white and green top with short sleeves and black jeans. There's a golden walking stick behind her.

Charlotte Twinley

Accessibility and Inclusion Specialist

Pronouns: she/they

Charlotte is an Accessibility and Inclusion Specialist within the Training and Innovations team. She was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) in 2013 which affects her joints and digestive system. After a few years, her digestive system worsened to the point where she couldn’t eat any solid food for over a year. She then had surgery for a stoma and she is now able to eat again which is just as well, as she loves going out for meals! Since then, she has advocated and raised awareness of disabilities and chronic illnesses online. She also talks about the importance mental health and completed an Adult Mental Health First Aid course in 2020.

In raising awareness for disabilities, she has collaborated with numerous brands and taken part in a variety of speaking events, panels and podcasts. She was nominated for the National Diversity Awards in 2018 and is passionate about disability representation and true diversity in the media. It’s this passion that inspired her to look for roles working within disability and was so excited to apply for this job.

When not working or creating content, Charlotte can be found watching medical dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy or Disney films!