Chris Webster

Specialist Mentor (MH)

It is Chris’ firm belief that everyone has the right to access their truest and highest potential. Chris has made it a large part of their life’s work to support others to tap into their superpower – particularly those who have had rockier rides than most. Chris’ academic background is in mental health, having studied clinical psychology for their undergraduate degree and psychotherapeutic counselling at postgraduate. Much of Chris’ work has been with those experiencing varying degrees of psychosocial distress, and this is an issue they have been passionate about since going through their own mental health and ADHD-related difficulties in earlier life.

Alongside this, Chris has a growing creative practice. They have had art shown in London and Milan, and are currently involved with several projects including video production with a BAFTA-winning director and supporting two international art collectives.

Chris feels passionate about performing at their best and making creative visions a reality so that they can support and inspire others to do the same. It is their goal to see the best in everybody and to support them to tap into their potential and nurture a deepfelt experience of being ‘enough’. Chris offers something different to everyone they work with, as you are co-creating a unique supportive relationship. When not working, Chris enjoys yoga, trips to the beach, music, meditation, and climbing trees.