A Latin American man with long curly hair, mustache and beard smiling and wearing a light brown shirt before white background

David Cuadra

Inclusion Consultant

Pronouns: He / Him

As an Educator and Trainer I have worked with diverse groups in community projects in Nicaragua. I have also taken part in art initiatives and taught Spanish and English.

As someone who was born in one of the most diverse regions in the world, Latin America, I grew up witnessing inequality and exclusion first-hand. As a teenager, I started to believe that a positive change was possible through politics. Graduating in Political Science helped me to become a better critical thinker and an advocate for Inclusive Leadership. However, through my professional experience, I now believe that education is the most suitable path to achieve a sustainable and inclusive change.

I am also an artist who has created and led art therapy seminars, workshops and art exhibitions to encourage critical thinking. As my side project, I design and hand-make coloring books.