Debra Hughes-Leitch

Study Skills Tutor (SpLD)

As a Study Skills Specialist, Debra’s aim is to empower students to think critically and to articulate their thinking in a clear and concise manner.  Debra works with students using a flexible approach, individualised to suit particular learning needs, and by encouraging them to acknowledge and rate their own abilities. They love their work and relish the opportunity to see all students flourish – working hard to ensure that students feel supported emotionally, as well as academically.

Debra has an MA in Specific Learning Difficulties with a specialism in Dyslexia.  The MA incorporated L7 AMBDA certification, so they are qualified to teach dyslexic students and to carry out diagnostic assessments.  Debra also has wide experience of supporting students with Dyspraxia, ADHD (hyperactive and inattentive types), ASD and those with emotional difficulties including anxiety and depression.

Debra has a background that encompasses theatre-in-education, FE and HE, prison education and community education.  They lived in the Netherlands for three years, where they were part of a theatre company called The Chicken Coop Three, touring participatory theatre around schools, colleges and universities in European countries.

Debra’s interest in working with students with SpLDs has grown out of their own son being diagnosed with dyslexia more than ten years ago.  Due to this, they have a personal, as well as professional, interest in the provision of high-quality support to all learners. Debra’s son has been fortunate to receive outstanding support, from dedicated specialists, throughout his journey through education, and Debra’s aim is to provide support of a similar standard to every student that they work with.