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Jan Hanson

Study Skills Tutor (AS and SpLD), Assistive Technology Trainer, Specialist Mentor (AS), Workplace Strategy Coach

Jan is a dedicated professional with experience in education, English and maths. Over time, they have always strived to find jobs that have both excited and interested them.

Jan’s passion is to see personal improvement in others and this has never diminished. They believe that they have much to offer to improve the lives of people in all areas of education.

Jan is dyslexic and has had a varied response to that over the years but it is a goal for them to be able to understand it further and to pass that knowledge on to others that need to progress and have found it difficult to make employers understand what it really means. Jan believes that they have all the skills required from experiences of life and work to be a real asset to assisting with your future.

Jan has experience as a personal tutor and assessor to students with learning difficulties in colleges and the Open University. They have developed strategies and diverse ways of working to ensure success.

Jan has continued to expand their knowledge and experience with their own CPD so that they can keep giving their students the best experience in learning that they expect and deserve.