Jayne Peach Profile Photo

Jayne Peach

Specialist Mentor (MH)

Jayne knows that life can be wonderful, but it can also sometimes seem like a struggle. Jayne’s goal is to work alongside people to provide support during these times. They are invested in helping others to identify their strengths and to own their own power.

Jayne loves to help people find ways to increase their ‘feel good factor,’ improve their wellbeing and begin their journey to reach their potential. Jayne is passionate about providing support to folks who are experiencing difficulties. They have enjoyed working with people who have various mental health issues and learning disabilities, or learning difficulties for many years – in both their private life and within their professional role.

Jayne likes reading and their taste in genres and books is eclectic. Jayne writes short stories, is a lover of nature’s beauty and is an avid walker – in fact, they are soon undertaking a sponsored walk of 45km to fundraise for Mind.