Johanna Bosch

Specialist Mentor (MH)

Johanna’s background is in social work, and they gained their qualification back in 1986, in South Africa, where they originate from. Over the years, Johanna has had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of settings, including child and adult safeguarding, foster care, therapeutic work with victims of sexual abuse and adult social care. More recently, Johanna’s focus changed to working within mental health settings, including brief work within a secure mental health hospital.

Over the years, Johanna has become increasingly aware of the joy that comes from being a source of encouragement to those who find themselves in a vulnerable position, for whatever reason, and seeing them grow and overcome difficulties that they thought impossible. It gives Johanna so much joy to come alongside someone who struggles, to help them find their own strengths and to build on the potential they already have.

Johanna has two beautiful children who are both young adults and they continue to challenge their views of the world and they most certainly keep them grounded. They help Johanna to develop a good understanding of the needs of young people, the struggles they face from day to day and the things that matter most.

Johanna is constantly aware of the need to grow and to explore new things. Recently, Johanna discovered the joy of painting and find this to be super relaxing. They have always loved reading and more recently started to educate themselves more on subjects including social justice and political philosophy. Another passion is travelling, as well as watching all of the Jason Bourne films in one go. How sad!