Katie Barron

Study Skills Tutor (SpLD)

Katie studied Classics, which was a mixture of literature, history and philosophy, and then, for a complete shock to the system, went into financial journalism, before settling into teaching in the areas of English language, literacy and neurodiversity.

Katie really enjoys working with diverse minds of all ages and cultural backgrounds, having spent time in India, Italy and Ireland as well as different parts of the UK. They have trained as a dyslexia assessor, so try to analyse exactly what difficulty someone might be having with a piece of work and then through dialogue get to solutions. Katie see’s tutoring as an equal partnership. They listen rather than lecture.

Katie is especially interested in writing, both fiction and non fiction, and has an MA in Creative Writing. A  bit of an eternal student, Katie is always trying to plug the gaps in their own knowledge. As a mature student, Katie has studied politics, economics, philosophy, organic farming and counselling.