Profile photo of Kieran, a man with short brown hair and a short beard wearing glasses and smiling at the camera.

Kieran Atkins

Assistive Technology Trainer

Pronouns: he/him

Kieran was born and raised in London with a focused interest in learning. A qualified teacher, his professional background encompasses corporate training, where he specialised in cyber security and business skills.

A personal diagnosis of ADHD added a unique dimension to Kieran’s perspective in delivering training, granting him a firsthand understanding of the barriers confronting individuals with disabilities, chronic, and health challenges.

Beyond work, Kieran enjoys cinema, particularly films with unconventional plots and styles. He also dabbles in filmmaking, where he hopes to submit a short film to festivals in the near future, music and strength training.

Kieran’s central passion though involves guiding others through their learning journey, aiding them to meet their goals in education, career and general life enrichment.